Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dogs Trust to fund the search for gene/s for Syringomyelia and painful Chiari-Malformation in Cavaliers.

Dogs Trust Canine Welfare have awarded University of Surrey a grant of over £138,500 to fund the  ‘Identification of gene(s) predisposing to syringomyelia associated with Chiari-like malformation in the Cavalier King Charles.  

Dogs Trust wish to stress that the fundamental aim of all grants submitted must be centred on a solutions-based approach to conditions in dogs with a genetic underpinning and serious welfare implications.

Dr Clare Rusbridge, Reader in Neurology, will head up the research in collaboration with Dr Zoha Kibar in Montreal University CHUM research centre. It follows the success that identified two novel genomic regions in the Griffon Bruxellous breed. (see paper

The team used an approach called Qualitative Trait Locus (QTL) analysis which involved linking two types of information – phenotypic data (trait measurements) and genotypic data (usually molecular markers) in an attempt to explain the genetic basis of variation. (see paper) The research is not invasive and does not require a Home Office licence. The new funding will allow this powerful technique to be repeated in the Cavalier King Charles spaniel breed with a view to finding a genetic cause for both painful CM and Syringomeylia. Not only may it help dogs and breeders, but it might also help improve understanding of the condition in humans and lead to improved diagnosis and treatment options.”

Thank you so much Dogs Trust on behalf of cavalier lovers worldwide