Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cavalier Matters at the London Pet Show

The London Pet Show was held at Olympia on the 7th and 8th May. Cavalier Matters is a registered charity headed up by Tania Ledger seen in the middle of the picture together with helpers Margaret Carter and Carol Fowler. The stunning stand was taken in the Discover Dogs section which was presented by the Kennel Club and located on the edge of the agility and show ring which was an ideal position to be noticed! The Pet show was for Dogs and Cats plus other little furries but apparently the Dog Section was the busiest.
There was a range of new merchandise which can now be seen on the online shop.
Thanks to an enormous effort Cavalier Matters is a major contributor to Rupert's Fund and Cavalier Collection Scheme (which was set up and co-ordinated by Margaret Carter) and they have now donated £5,960 to research and rescue.!
Tania set up the charity with her husband Graham after two of their three Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs Molly and Dougall were diagnosed with Syringomyelia.
"I was shocked when I learnt that many irresponsible breeders continue to breed from dogs that have been diagnosed with Syringomyelia or do not follow the breeding guidelines for Syringomyelia. These breeders are condemning puppies to a life of pain and potentially contributing to the extinction of the breed," said Tania.
A fellow trustee is Carol Fowler who has been campaigning for dog welfare for many years- " Initially Cavalier Matters is all about the breed we are both passionate to help to save - the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We have started small but hope to build Cavalier Matters into something much bigger, extending its scope to helping other dog breeds which are in trouble, and campaigning for the reform of dog breeding in the UK through our political contacts and by working with other welfare organisations."
None of the three Cavalier Matters trustees will be drawing any income or expenses from the charity, so all proceeds will be put towards the charity's goals.